Recording for Museumnacht
Oktober 2013

Once a year, Amsterdam opens it’s museums to visitors for one night, so people can enjoy the beautiful art at 1 am if they like! This event is called the Museumnacht and has the goal to attract a younger audience to the museums. This year, during the opening in several museums, a short film will be shown called Nachtlicht, accompanied by live music from Vincent Koops. I was asked to record the music beforehand for the internet and DVD release.

photoThe recordings were done in a rehearsal room in The Hague that actually sounded pretty nice after some acoustic treatment (we brought some curtains and carpets). There were three musicians that played all kinds of percussion instruments. Interesting especially were the sounds of the bowed vibraphone and gamelan. Next to that there were some percussive sounds and drones from a huge drum played with a Superball. I recorded everything with three stereo set-ups to capture the placement a broad sounds of the three instrumentalists. Next to that I used a TLM107 on the drum to get some extra low frequencies. I borrowed some stuff from Frans Hagenaars’ studio to facilitate everything even better (Gates pre-amps, the TLM and a pair of M201’s).The recordings turned out very natural and atmospheric, which was exactly what I was aiming for!

Afterwards, I mixed everything and delivered the recordings to the sounddesigners. Thanks Vincent for the lovely composition and Marleen and Emanuel, the directors, for letting me work on their project!

Check out the trailer:

~| Sietse