More on the studio

…the circus is about to begin!

Since the summer of 2013, this circus has traveled many places to record some great sounds! I run this project with the goal to facilitate recordings for bands at the place that they prefer. This can be absolutely everywhere, from rehearsal space to church, as long as the space is suitable for recording music.

Together with the artist I’ll look for a nice spot to record, I’ll bring my gear and we can start the process. Check out the examples on this site and contact us through the form for more information!


About me

First of all, thank you for visiting this website! It’s part of the main website about me and my work, so feel free to check that out too. Let me tell you a bit about myself: since 2007 I’ve been working in the Dutch music scene as a composer and producer. I mostly split my time between producing music in the studio (sometimes my own Traveling studio, but often at Studio Sound Enterprise and Studio de Bolder) and writing songs and other compositions at home.

IMG_0063As of 2013 I started this project: The Traveling Sound Circus. With this Circus I want to explore the world, record bands in all kinds of places and make a lot of good music! The Traveling Sound Circus’ project can vary in all kinds of ways: location, length of the project, level of the band, amount of output, etc. and this is what I love about it. I’ve done recordings of just one day in a theater with a big band, but I’ve also done projects for 3 days recording an EP with a singer-songwriter in a bulb shed. It’s what the artist needs and prefers. Do you want just a couple of tracks recorded for online promotional use? Fine, we’ll plan 2 days of recording. Maybe you want a full album recorded? Also fine, we’ll just need a couple more days. I also work with bands of all kinds of levels, as long as they’re motivated and serious about their music and are open for suggestion to make their records better.

So, are you getting interested in joining the Circus? Email me through the contact page for scheduling, questions, pricing, etc.! Hope to see you soon in the studio!