Koert Witteman – Alone Again
August 2012



In August of 2012, Koert Witteman and I retreated into a very nice, historic monument to record “Alone Again”, his debut EP. This Dutch ‘bollenschuur’ (bulb shed) was the perfect place to have intimate sessions with this singer-songwriter. The room, which was mostly concrete with a wooden sealing, sounded very natural and atmospheric, so the room-mic’s have been used a lot during this session! You can really hear this on the EP, which by the way also features 2 raw bonus tracks (demo’s)!

DSC_0300Koert and I took three days to record everything, working day and part of the night there (it was pretty cold, even in August). Apart from Koert’s vocals, acoustic and electric guitar we also recorded some percussion (shakers, cymbals and separate drums), a small line of bass guitar and organs, just to accentuate Koert’s subtle crafted songs. I mostly used my own mic’s (simple MD421, SM57, MXL 2003/602, SP B3, Octava’s MK-012 and the likes) and pre-amps, since the set-up was really minimal and simple. We had made a shortlist of the songs to record and even taped some more tracks that didn’t end up on the EP. As is said before, we really tried to capture the atmosphere of the room and the feeling of the moment. That’s probably why the best takes were taken at night, when we had just one construction lamp to light the room. We even tracked some playing kids outside of the building from the day-care centre next door!

After all the recording, I mixed everything and also mastered the two bonus-tracks (which were recorded with a Zoom device). We had a really good time and I hope I can record in that room again (and with Koert) some time in the near future! Check out his website and maybe buy the EP?