Knels Lameris – Uit de praktijk Uit
september 2014


In september 2014, a small town GP, Knels Lameris, decided to stop working and give something back to the people of the town. He came up with the idea to write lyrics, ask his friend Robert Wortelboer to arrange songs around them, and in this way create an album about his experiences as a doctor. He contacted Excelsior Recordings with the idea and they were very happy to help. So they send me, after recording the basic instruments in Studio Sound Enterprise, to a small town called Dalen, in the east of the Netherlands.

Daler-huisarts-Knels-LamerisIt was a wonderful project to work on, with lovely people. The basic recordings were done in Amsterdam, but all the vocals, solo instruments and ambient recordings were done in the town where Lameris worked, with local muscicians and friends. I mixed everything in SSE and the album was released short after. After two very nice concerts, Knels Lameris finaly stoped his work as GP. This was truly one of the most original projects I’ve worked on thus far!