We at The Traveling Sound Circus have quite the setup! “Yeah sure…” I hear you say. Well, it’s true. I’m very proud of the gear I own, it’s mobile, but of high standards and there’s some intersting peices of gear among them. Plus, I’m constantly looking for new stuff and expanding my set. Below is a list of the gear I use for recordings at the moment.


The TSC gearlist:

* RME Fireface 800
* Soundskulptor pre-amps
– 2x MP73 Neve-clone
– 2x MP12 API-clone
* FSaudio tube pre-amps

* SM57 dynamic mic
* Old MD421 dynamic mic
* 2x MK-012 matched pair
* MXL602 condenser mic
* Modded MXL2003 condenser mic
* Modded SP B3 condenser mic
* Coles 4038 ribbon mic

* 2x EVE audio SC207 speakers
* Behringer Powerplay Pro XL headphone amp