Freezy Peak
November 2012

avatars-000036818955-0id6sx-cropOriginally, I’m from a small town in Noord-Holland called Castricum. Although living in Haarlem for a while now, I frequently visit Castricum and I still like going to one of my first hang-outs there, ‘De Bakkerij’, every once in a while. This venue (it used to be called a youth centre) is one of the few places to have live bands and it’s probably also the first place I’ve played with my own band. The line-up usually is pretty decent and at the time, we just needed a good spot to hang out and freak out all night.

That being said, I got a call recently from one of their programmers. They just had a band battle and wanted to give the winner a day of recording in the studio. They asked me to facilitate this and look for a good spot. I arranged a space and again got my gear together to record Freazy Peak, a young energetic band without a bass player.

We spent 1 day recording their demo, which was a fun process with some minor mishaps, like the singer being a couple of hours late and the keys player not showing up at all (yeah, I know, wtf?). The room wasn’t ideal in the end, but the result is nice and I hope the guys made good use of it!