Freek de Jonge – Circus Kribbe
November 2012



It was a cold November afternoon when I got a call from Frans Hagenaars if I could make it that certain Sunday morning to quickly record a small ensemble for Dutch comedian Freek de Jonge. He was working on his next show, ‘Circus Kribbe’, which was a Christmas edition, so it had to be finished soon. I got my gear together and brought a few mic’s to record this so called “small ensemble” which turned out, as you may have guessed, to be not so small. There were drums, piano, guitar, a sousaphone and 3 woodwinds, including trumpeter Eric Vloeimans. Luckily, Freek was looking for a somewhat 50’s kind of sound, so less mic’s was actually an advantage.

The recordings were done in ‘De Roode Bioscoop’, a beautiful small theater with amazing acoustics and a nice grand piano. The band was positioned in a kind of circle, which was actually good for me to create some separation between the different sections of the band. I divided the band in a rhythm section (drums and sousaphone), woodwinds and the rest (piano and guitar) and used one mic for each section (I brought two M160’s and my Octava MK-012’s). This resulted in a simple but effective set-up that approached the sound Freek was looking for. Later on he tracked some vocals on one song in the studio with Frans to finish everything off.

The music was used in his show frequently (we recorded about 6 songs), which was a circus themed story. I really liked the compositions and arrangements from Martin Fondse, which really fit the theme and sound truly old, circus-like. I really love the result, which was mixed by Frans Hagenaars, and I’m very proud to have recorded it!