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Sietse Damen has been working in the Dutch music scene as producer and composer since 2007. He has studied at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU), where he got both his Bachelors and Masters degree in Music.

As an engineer and producer, he finds himself mostly working in studios with artists such as Moss, Tim Knol, Hallo Venray, The Kik and Douwe Bob amongst others. One of his main workspaces is Studio de Bolder, a residential studio on Vlieland owned by Frans Hagenaars (producer and founder of the successful Dutch indielabel Excelsior Recordings). Sietse also has his own mobile studio, called the Traveling Sound Circus.

As a composer Sietse mainly works as songwriter under the name Atom Heart. Besides that he writes music for Theatergroep Nox. Bottom line is: he loves creating musical products, whether it is his own writing or that of others. Therefore, he often combines being a songwriter and producer in his projects. Sietse plays keys and drums.



Studio de Bolder

Studio de Bolder
As of March 2013 I’m recording various bands on the beautiful island of Vlieland! At Studio De Bolder, a venue located in the middle of a campsite, various types of bands (mostly from Excelsior Recordings) stop by for an inspirational session on the island. They’re either writing songs or recording their album with us, while enjoying the beautiful dunes and sea!
Atom Heart

Atom Heart
I’ve been writing songs for the past years under the name Atom Heart. During 2015, I’ll be releasing 4 small EP’s, one each season. This project is called DRIEbijVIER and is a collaboration with all kinds of musicians. Check out the releases on the site!
The Traveling Sound Circus

The Traveling Sound Circus
As of the summer of 2013, I’m actively recording bands in the Haarlem/Amsterdam area with my own recording set. The idea behind this project is to facilitate recordings for artists at any place, from rehearsal space to church. If you’re interested in recording a demo, EP or album, don’t hesitate to contact me through the form on this page! For more information, check out the portfolio website.

Lately I’ve been going to a lot of broadcasting studios as an engineer for several bands, mainly from Excelsior Recordings. I aid artists such as Tim Knol, Tangarine, Daryll-Ann, The Kik and Freek de Jonge in their quest to sound good on television and radio (De Wereld Draaid Door, Giel@3FM, 3voor12 Radio, etc.).
Theatergroep Nox

Theatergroep Nox
Together with Luuk Imhann (poet/writer) and Kim Grisel (clarinet/vocals) I form a poetry/music/theater group called Nox. We combine literature and (improvised) music with theater. Since 2013 we did numerous tours throughout The Netherlands. Check out our Facebookpage and website for more information!

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  • vvv

    Vaders voor vaders

    Recording – A very good and humble project, focussed on giving troubled young fathers a voice. Recorded at Studio de Bolder.

  • dwdd

    DWDD jubileum

    Recording, mixing – Recording and mixing a few tracks for the anniversary episode of the televisionshow De wereld draait door.

  • AH

    Atom Heart – DRIEbijVIER

    Composing, production, mixing – The release of 4 EP’s with 3 songs of my own writing. Recorded with various musicians.

  • itgwo

    Into the great wide open

    Recording – Recording 3voor12 sessions with various artists on Vlieland during the best festival of The Netherlands: ITGWO.

  • harlemsaints

    Harlem Saints

    Producing – Local artists Harlem Saints recorded their debut EP with me at Voodoovox Studio.

  • tangarine

    Tangarine – In stereo

    Recording, mixing – Live recording of Tangarine‘s theatershow In stereo.

  • jay

    Recording Jay Weatherley

    Production – Producing the very young but talented British songwriter Jay Weatherley at Voodoovox Studio.

  • bjorn

    Bjorn van Rozen – Zien zoals het is

    Recording, production – Recording with artist Bjorn van Rozen at Studio de Bolder, Vlieland.

  • soldaatplaat

    Theatergroep Nox – De Soldaat

    Engineering, production, mixing – Recording of the songs from De soldaat die 300km naar het slagveld liep.

  • knels

    Knels Lameris – Uit de praktijk Uit

    Engineering, production, mixing – A GP from a small town tells his story on this album with Robert Wortelboer.

  • swinder

    Swinder @ Studio de Bolder

    Engineering, production, mixing – Recording and mixing the first album with the band Swinder on Vlieland.

  • soldaat

    Theatergroep Nox – De Soldaat

    Composing, performance – Writing songs and performing De soldaat die 300 kilometer naar het slagveld liep.

  • zigtema

    Zigtema @ Studio de Bolder

    Engineering – Recording the second album with Wieb Zigtema‘s new band: Zigtema. Januari 2014, Vlieland.

  • museumnacht

    Recording for Museumnacht

    Engineering, mixing – Recording with my Traveling Sound Circus for the opening film of the Museumnacht, Amsterdam.

  • dovr

    Theatergroep Nox – DOVR

    Composing, performance – Literary music and theater show based on Luuk Imhann’s debut: De onverschilligheid van Rozen.

  • ftg

    Fakkelbrigade @ Studio de Bolder

    Engineering – Recording the Fakkelbrigade from Zwolle during their artist-in-residency at Into the Great Wide Open.

  • bewilder

    Bewilder @ Studio de Bolder

    Engineering – Laying down tracks with the new band of Maurits Westerik (GEM): Bewilder. Recorded in april 2014, Vlieland.

  • show

    Hallo Venray @ Studio de Bolder

    Engineering – Recording Show with Hallo Venray on Vlieland. A very inspirational 10 days, with great results!

  • kribbe

    Freek de Jonge – Circus Kribbe

    Engineering – Recording an ensemble with my TSC, consisting of drums, piano, guitar, and a brass section for Freek‘s Christmas show.

  • koert

    Koert Witteman – Alone Again

    Engineering, production, mixing – Producing Koert Witteman‘s first EP: Alone again. Recorded in a monumental bulb shed.

  • ornaments

    Moss – Ornaments

    Engineering – Working with the Dutch indieband Moss at Studio Sound Enterprise, finishing their third studio album Ornaments.


Studio de Bolder

Go to the SdB website

One of the most beautiful islands of the Netherlands is Vlieland. This is where Studio de Bolder is situated: right in the middle of the dunes, next to the sea. A perfect spot for artists to write and/or record their work! I’ve been lucky to producer several albums there since 2013.

The studio is a initiative and collaboration of Stortemelk, Excelcior Recordings and Frans Hagenaars. The relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery have proven a positive influence on the creative process. That’s why several bands have very much enjoyed staying with us, such as Bewilder, Hallo Venray and Clean Pete.

Traveling Sound Circus

Go to the TSC website

As of the summer of 2013, I’m actively recording and producing with my own mobile studio called The Traveling Sound Circus. The goal of this studio is to facilitate recordings for bands and artists at the location of their choice. This can be absolutely everywhere, as long as the space is suitable for recording music. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested!

Together with the artist I’ll look for a nice spot to record, I’ll bring my gear and we can start the process! Make sure you check out the portfolio website for more information, or email me through the form on this website for locations, pricing, etc.


The Undertones - Teenage kicks (VPRO sessie)The Undertones - Teenage kicks (VPRO sessie)

The Undertones – Teenage kicks (VPRO sessie)

The Undertones! Playing their hit Teenage kicks during ITGWO. Recorded at Studio de Bolder.

Review Bewilder - Dear Island

Review Bewilder – Dear Island

A very nice review in De Volkskrant!

Bewilder - Forza (VPRO Sessie @ ITGWO)Bewilder - Forza (VPRO Sessie @ ITGWO)

Bewilder – Forza (VPRO Sessie @ ITGWO)

Live recording of Bewilder during Into the great wide open. Recorded at Studio de Bolder.

Bewilder - So it goesBewilder - So it goes

Bewilder – So it goes

From their debut album Dear island: So it goes by Bewilder, recorded at Studio de Bolder.

Afterpartees @ DWDDAfterpartees @ DWDD

Afterpartees @ DWDD

The awesome Afterpartees playing at DWDD!

Paulusma @ DWDDPaulusma @ DWDD

Paulusma @ DWDD

Paulusma performing at DWDD.

Douwe Bob @ DWDDDouwe Bob @ DWDD

Douwe Bob @ DWDD

Douwe Bob playing at the television show De Wereld Draait Door, where I was his technician.

Tangarine @ Giel3FMTangarine @ Giel3FM

Tangarine @ Giel3FM

Tangarine playing ‘Move On John’ at Giel’s morning show, where I was responsible for the on-air audio.

Swinder - Twijde HansSwinder - Twijde Hans

Swinder – Twijde Hans

First single of the upcoming debut album of the Dutch band Swinder. We’ve recorded the album at Studio de Bolder, Vlieland.

The Kik @ DWDDThe Kik @ DWDD

The Kik @ DWDD

One of the many times that I’ve been to De Wereld Draait Door with The Kik. This is back from when they were the house band.

Hallo Venray - Two FeetHallo Venray - Two Feet

Hallo Venray – Two Feet

Single from Hallo Venray‘s Show. Recorded at Studio de Bolder.

Review Hallo Venray - Show

Review Hallo Venray – Show

Awesome review of the latest Hallo Venray record: Show. I’ve recorded this album in march 2013 at Studio de Bolder.

Nox: teaser De SoldaatNox: teaser De Soldaat

Nox: teaser De Soldaat

The teaser of the 2nd music-theatre production by Theatergroep Nox. We did a tour in the summer of 2014.



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